Ruby Reef Rally PRO


A Concentrated Formula and Broad-Spectrum Treatment for Freshwater and Marine Fish to treat External Parasites, Dinoflagellates, Marine Velvet, Gill Flukes, Clownfish Disease, Bacterial Infections, Tail & Fin Rot, and Stops Secondary Infections.

Rally™ PRO is a very effective broad-spectrum concentrated treatment designed to be used directly in the display tank to eliminate external parasites, dinoflagellates, marine velvet, clownfish disease, gill flukes, etc. on fish. Rally™ PRO also treats gram negative bacterial infections, fin and tail rot, etc., and prevents secondary infections. Rally™ PRO is safe for all fish (including scaleless), corals and invertebrates and will not affect biofiltration. 

Rally™ PRO will turn the water a yellowish green color.  It is temporary, not harmful, will not stain and will fade away as Rally biodegrades out of the tank.  Apply Rally™ PRO once per day for at least 3 days. Longer treatment periods may be required for heavy or persistent infections.  Wait 3 to 4 days to allow Rally™ PRO to complete the treatment before resuming normal operations.  Rally™ PRO is biodegradable and will be completely out of the tank in 3 to 5 days.