Quilted Melania Snail


The Quilted Melania Snail (Tarebia granifera) is a small, cone-shaped snail similar to Malaysian Trumpet Snails. These snails burrow through substrate, and eat excess food that makes it way to the bottom of the tank. Do keep in mind that these snails breed quickly, as males are not required for females to breed.

Minimum Tank Size: 1 Gallon

Maximum Fish Size: 1"

Water Temperature: 65F - 85F

Ideal pH: 7.0 - 8.0

Water Hardness: 5 - 35 dGH

Temperament: Peaceful, bottomfeeder. May be considered a "pest" species due to their ability to reproduce quickly. 

Unless experienced with fish-in cycling, we always suggest cycling an aquarium BEFORE adding fish. Adding fish to a fresh, un-cycled aquarium can kill them rapidly. We offer free water testing at our physical location, and advice via email or call.