Juvenile Crested Gecko


The Crested Gecko (Ceratophrys ornata) is a low-maintenance semi-arboreal gecko species native to New Caledonia. Their generally laid-back disposition and size makes them perfect for first-time and expert reptile keepers alike.

Fully-Grown Size: 8”-10” (4”-6” without a tail)

Lifespan: 15+ years

Housing: 20 gallons (height is more important than length)

Temperature: 70F - 75F, crested geckos are comfortable at room temperature

Humidity: 60%-80%. The enclosure should be sprayed with dechlorinated water on a daily basis.

Temperament: Young crested geckos may be skittish, but generally mellow out with age. This species prefers height in their enclosures, and are prone to jumping. Females may be kept together, but males with fight upon sexual maturity.

Feeding: A crested gecko diet paste should be provided at all times. Supplemental feedings of fruit or insects may be provided on a biweekly basis, but is not necessary.