Exo Terra Deep Forest LED 4500K


Exo Terra’s energy efficient Forest Canopy LED Light is ideal for bio-active planted terrariums. It's high visible light levels contribute to the physiological well-being of your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and will let them experience and perceive the colours in their environment more naturally. The Deep Forest's lighting will also aid in lush plant growth.  The 4,500K Deep Forest LED's simulate the conditions of filtered sunlight in the undergrowth of a tropical forest and orchids, bromeliads, tillandsias (air plants), carnivorous plants, mosses and lichens that grow in the lower layers of the forest, thrive under the photosynthetically active radiation of the Exo Terra Deep Forest LED.  The base of the lamp can be rotated in a 300° angle to direct the wide beam of light to a specific area in the terrarium where lush plant growth is desired.

• 4,500 K simulate the conditions of natural sunlight in the undergrowth of a tropical forest

• Energy-efficient plant growth LED

• Ideal light source for bio-planted terrariums
• High amount of visible light
• Stimulates the growth of living plants and mosses
• The wide light beam can be directed in a certain direction
• Ideal for use with the Exo Terra Compact Top terrarium covern