Black Water Powder - 130g


Black Water Powder is a mixture of valuable trace elements as well as humic and fulvic acids with a multitude of positive effects on your aquarium and its inhabitants. It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system of the aquarium inhabitans, prevents a dangerous pH drop, reduces the risk of forming ammonia, binds to heavy metals, reduces the bacterial load (of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp.) of internal organs, reduces algae, and prevents fungal infections even when a low concentration is used, makes the water crystal-clear ... and so much more.

Instructions of use:
Just sprinkle the desired amount of the powder on the water surface. Black Water Powder dissolves easily in any pH. Please note that the water will assume a brownish colour temporarily but will turn crystal-clear after a while. If the brownish colour remains for several days, please check your filter or reduce the dosage.

Depending on how densely the tank is stocked, dose approx. 1g to 50 litres of water every week.
Measuring spoon markings: 1 ml = 0.5g / 2 ml = 1g

• 130 g (sufficient for around 6500L)
• measuring spoon included
• reclosable can with screw-on lid