ABG Tarantula Mix - 5L


This substrate is designed to provide the ideal environment for tarantulas, ensuring their comfort, well-being and natural behaviors.

-Perfect Texture: Jurassic Tarantula Mix offers the ideal balance of softness and structure, providing a comfortable substrate for your tarantulas to explore, burrow, and molt naturally.

-Hydration Support: This substrate excels in moisture retention, creating a humid microclimate essential for tarantulas, especially during molting. Maintain optimal humidity levels to support the health and vitality of your arachnid friends.

-Natural Aesthetics: Mimicking the texture of a tarantula's native habitat, the Jurassic Tarantula Mix adds an authentic touch to your terrarium, creating a visually appealing environment that complements the beauty of your tarantulas.

-Bioactive Compatibility: Ideal for bioactive setups, this substrate supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms, contributing to the overall health of your terrarium ecosystem.